Thank you to Happy Adventure for supporting us in installing Rockaway 11

Thank you to Happy Adventure for supporting us in installing Rockaway 11

We are so very thankful to the Happy Adventure Inn located in Happy Adventure, Newfoundland Canada for supporting our mission in the healing and spreading awareness of Project 911UP. They were recently featured on, this is a short sampling:
“Here, putting forward the best in outdoor adventure is truly a family affair. The Happy Adventure Inn is operated by Charlotte and James, while Charlotte’s father Chuck runs the tours side of the business. Charlotte’s mother, Brenda, makes extremely special contributions as well. Read on to learn more on what that’s about.

Happy Adventure Tours offers kayaking, whale watching and more. Tours start from the village of Happy Adventure, the town of Salvage, or in Terra Nova National Park. Want to hike the 15-kilometre Coastal Ridge Trail, the longest in the Damnable Trail system, and arrange a lift back to your car? No problem: Happy Adventure Tours can take care of that, and they’ll even pick you up halfway if you’d like. Hoping to see some whales, puffins, and jellyfish while you’re in Newfoundland? A Happy Adventure Tours whale watching excursion can take care of that, too.

Happy Adventure Tours organizes kayaking tours out of Salvage Harbour and from the visitor centre at Terra Nova National Park. Both tours are excellent, but if you only have time for one, go for the latter. Kayaking is a fantastic and memorable way to explore the bird and sea life in Newman Sound. We rate this sea kayaking tour among the best in Atlantic Canada.”

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