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    A little more about Project 911UP

    Project 911UP and Originator, Sandra (San) Priest the artist, are pleased to be able to bring to the public,  a once in a lifetime series of  9/11 Memorial sculptures designed to bring a sense of peace and understanding to an otherwise chaotic time in our history. From the rubble of humanity to an uplifting venture, this project is about the positive hope and rebuilding of our spirits as a people and a nation.  Starting with her first concepts originating two days after 9/11, San has now grown her ideas into a viable art business of making 9/11 memorials.  Believing strongly about the importance of remembering 9/11, San has decided to give 12% of her proceeds to the three National Memorials; The 9/11 Memorial in New York City, NY, The Pentagon Memorial by DC and The Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.  San knows we need to take care of our history through this project to help them with costs for running their own memorials.  We hope that you can join  our quest to  help bring these one of a kind works of art and remembrance out to the people,  for all to see, touch and experience.

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