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We are Project 911UP.

The only 9/11 memorials made from salvaged parts of the original concrete 7 story underground slurry wall, that surrounded the twin towers area in new york city, called Project 911 UP. We at Project 911UP believe everyone has the right to heal through the experience of seeing and touching memorials. 17 cut-out sections of the 4-foot thick concrete slurry wall that surrounded the original world trade center, have been brought up and saved for an artist’s touch. As a limited series, they are now being made into historical works of art sculpture called Project 911UP. We invite you to peruse this website and contact us for further information about this project.

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    A limited series of sculptures dedicated to the memorialization of those lives lost on September 11th, 2001

    The Sculptures

    The only memorial sculptures made from the actual Slurry Wall of the World Trade Center


    Cut-out Sections of the Original Slurry Wall


    Feet Thick Concrete from the Actual WTC


    Remembering Years Later

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