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Memorials are Important

One of the first memorials ever built in the united states, the Washington monument started in 1848, was a great tribute to our first president, George Washington. Since then, we have been paying our respects to people, places, and events in the form of monuments and memorials all over our country. There is a great need to preserve our history and provide a safe place where people can go and reflect on what each memorial represents.

Meeting Mr. Petrone

The project 911up memorials do just that with a history all onto themselves. San had the privilege to meet Mr. Michael Petrone, the head engineer that was in charge of the main pouring and building of the WTC slurry wall in 1968. San is shown wearing his hardhat that was saved, with a sticker showing the twin towers and the words, ‘The World Trade Center’ and ‘Progress With Safety.’

A slurry wall is a civil engineering technique used to build reinforced concrete walls in areas of soft earth close to open water, or with a high groundwater table. This concrete construction technique is typically used to build water-blocking walls to lay foundations.

Sandra Priest with Michael Petrone by the Bethlehem, PA sculpture-VICTORII REBUILD
Marine officers overseeing the first sculpture's delivery in 2010


As we think about all those lost on 9/11, one thing remains. We will always try to memorialize the most important times in history by saving things, remembering those associated with an event, and or even sometimes building a memorial of great importance like these.

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In Remembrance of the lives lost

on September 11th, 2001

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