The Artist

Who is Sandra Priest?


Sandra Priest

San is an American Artist from the State of Indiana who now resides in Southwest Florida. Having grown up in the Midwest she learned the basic values of being kind to your neighbors and those less fortunate, appreciating the history of our United States struggles for Democracy and the value of leaving a legacy for future generations by creating a body of work as authentic, historical memorials. San believes everyone has the right to see and touch such memorials to contemplate on a healing process into the future.

A little more about the artist

San has created a positive message of moving up and forward after this great tragedy, into the rebuilding of our lives. Whether you choose a piece already completed or have us create a design for you, we at Project 911UP look forward to working with you. Contact San’s studio today, 239-269-5733, to answer any questions you might have about the details relating to having a sculpture for your public venue.

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