Located at The IMAG History and Science Center Museum in Fort Myers, FL

Name:  HEALING SCIENCE, 16,000 LBS.   Placement:  August, 2021

Location:  The IMAG History and Science Center Museum, 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers, FL  

Curator:  Matt Johnson  Phone:  239-243-0043   mjohnson@i-sci.org

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              This is the perfect spot for this sculpture.  It is well known as a place of great exhibits, including a living lab, a hands on grand hall where children of all ages build with huge foam blocks and mind magic puzzles, some dinosaur skeleton displays, large water tank aquarium showcasing a model of the underwater artificial reef of the Mohawk ship, sunk 25 miles off shore of Fort Myers, in Lee County Florida. There is a Seminole Indian history Exhibit, Earth and Science exhibits and an outdoor backyard nature area.  This museum if known for entertaining children and adults alike. The HEALING SCIENCE 9/11 sculpture will fit right in with their diversified displays.  

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