August 26, 2017

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The Pentagon Memorial

August 26, 2017


If you haven't seen this video and I know it is lengthy, but when you can take some time, please watch.  It is narrated by one of the best actors around, Gary Sinese.  


The Pentagon Memorial is as memorable as the other two 9/11 National memorials, but it is quite different.  Each bench marks someone who was lost at the Pentagon that fateful day.  As the benches are illuminated at night, they remind me of each person, almost growing out of the ground, once again to bring life to those lost at this location.  


I learned a lot about the Pentagon also, while watching this video.  Gary makes it easy to decipher the history of the building and the tragedy that happened there with his unmistakable voice of calm directness.


One of the greatest things the Pentagon Memorials website offers is a link to different lesson plans for Teachers to use.  The link to that is:

You can also get to everything else on the site to lead you to other things you can learn about the memorial and the Pentagon itself.


I always receive a letter from James Laychak, the President of the Pentagon Memorial thanking Project 911UP for the donations I have sent their way after the sale of some of the sculptures I produce here in my studio.  I give now, 12% of each sale to each of the three memorials equally.  


I now have 4 large sculptures completed and ready to be placed in the United States and hopefully, they will placed soon, so I can continue giving to all three great causes of maintaining their own Memorials.


If you get a chance, go see the Pentagon Memorial.  Mr. Laychak has worked very hard to make this memorial become a reality and continues to raise funds to keep it maintained.  You can find a link to their fundraising page at:









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Art By San 8568 Evergreen Ln,  St. James City, FL  33956 

**Project 911UP and Sandra Priest, has given thousands of dollars to each of the three National Memorials since 2015;
the 911 Memorial in New York City, NY, the  Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA 
and the  Flight 93 Memorial in  Shanksville, PA
12% of proceeds from all sculptures are to be sent out in a continued effort to these memorials.