August 26, 2017

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When Most Are Sleeping, Great Things Get Done

July 9, 2017


Continued from yesterdays posting.  After putting out my ideas over a couple years for what I thought would be a great art project about placing concrete 9/11 Memorials around the country, I received this email, and then responded.(shown only here in condensed form)  Good things do happen in the early morning hours.  I will keep this email from Rich always, as the most cherished email I have ever received:



From:  Rich Parrish

To: Sandra Priest

Sent:  Fri, December 10, 2010  2:12 A.M.

Subject:  911 Commission


Hello, I found your name on the internet and thought that perhaps we could have some opportunity to work together on a commission work that we are looking to have done for the 2011 dedication..........We were required to take parts of the slurry wall out to make room for the new underground rail...................we are looking for someone that would like to sculpt something from these blocks for dedication in 2011.  .(it goes on from there and I respond)




From:  Sandra Priest

To:  Rich Parrish

Sent:  Fri, December 10, 4:50 A. M.

Subject:  911 Commission




I would be most honored to have such a commission---------I am also planning for this 10 year anniversary--------------I need to fly out to see the concrete.  ------------Thank you so much for the opportunity to see if this can be developed and for your dedication to the preserving a piece of history.


With Warm Regards,

San Priest



Well, I don't have to tell you how excited I was.  I must of felt the vibe for I also was up unusually early and responded right away.  I could hardly wait to speak to Rich on the phone later that morning.  As I reached him, I asked him where the concrete was.  He told me right by Allentown, PA.  I said, you have got to be kidding me!  I lived in Allentown for almost 2 years and that is where I came up with the idea in 2006 to have 911 memorials placed around the country made of concrete!  He said, he knew that already for he had read my website and ideas before he contacted me and that it was fate, or kismet or something that had brought me to him and that he, had the original concrete from the slurry wall. I then made the decision to fly out on December 16, 2010 to view the concrete pieces in person, for the first time.


Rich was in New York, but the concrete was in Pennsylvania so he had one of his employees, Al,  pick me up at the airport and take me out to the location where the pieces were being stored.  I told Al to leave me there for 3 hours, that I was well dressed for the weather and that I needed to walk around the pieces and photograph and video them while he was gone.  


It was 25 degrees F  but sunny and beautiful.  I walked all around the 4 ft. tall pieces, counted 17 in all and made notes on the characteristics of each block.   They were all similar, but each had different markings such as hollowed pipes, re-bar sticking out, circles, metal of other kinds and I also noticed two different types of concrete in every block.  I could tell they had been sitting there a year or so because there were weeds over 5 ft. tall all around them, now brown and frozen from the winter.  I also noticed that they set the pieces down in two lines, which I immediately noticed that those lines of blocks looked like the twin towers.  


I WAS FASCINATED!  I recognized immediately just how hallowed they were, sitting on this frozen ground.  In the stillness of the afternoon, I had my first how do you do, all alone, as I introduced myself to each and every piece.  I set up a video camera, filmed myself walking around, giving my first spoken impressions on camera to record the moment and photographed each one individually so I could study them when I got back home.


Al came and picked me up right on time and I went shopping to go get more memory cards for my cameras for I knew I would want to go back the second day and take more photos.


Well, that's enough for one day.

to be continued.







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**Project 911UP and Sandra Priest, has given thousands of dollars to each of the three National Memorials since 2015;
the 911 Memorial in New York City, NY, the  Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA 
and the  Flight 93 Memorial in  Shanksville, PA
12% of proceeds from all sculptures are to be sent out in a continued effort to these memorials.