August 26, 2017

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Street Signs tell the story of 9/11

July 7, 2017


Shown to the left are my original photos and then the artistic version for print.

In the years after I had photographed so many forms from concrete pipes to large

concrete blocks for construction, I began noticing road and street signs in my travels.  I have been to every state in the U.S. (except Alaska) and realized that there was a pattern in those signs and I couldn't help myself but to photograph them too. One day I shouted out "STOP!" to my companion on a long drive in Maine as I saw a sign showing an 11% grade on a winding downhill road. I said I needed to go back to that sign and take a photo.  It was then that I said, in a matter of fact voice,  "I can tell the story of 9/11 with four street signs."  I sat there and drew out on a little piece of paper in my van the signs that did just that.  The Image shows, planes, towers, react and rebuild.  It is book ended with 9 and 11, the airport sign showing 9 miles away and the 11% grade sign at the end.


The airport sign was the first one of the 4 that I noticed right away with the original photo taken around Milligeville, Georgia. It represents the planes as they collided with the Towers.  


The second sign in the series was from my photo of a lane merge sign in Allentown, PA. I started noticing that those signs looked like the two towers with the first one as it started coming down.


 The third image of the fire truck was a photo from Cape Coral, FL.  This sign represents all the rescue efforts to try to save people at all three sites, the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and in the  farm field where that plane came down  in Shanksville, PA.


Then the final image was taken in Maine. When I saw this street sign and photographed it, I immediately thought it looked like all the trucks that had been going down into the hole of the once magnificent World Trade Center area, and then the arrow was them coming back up with debris so that the area could be developed again at the rebuilding of our spirits as a Nation.


I love these symbols placed all over our cities and countryside.  I am sure you will never look at depictions of these signs the same way ever again.




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Art By San 8568 Evergreen Ln,  St. James City, FL  33956 

**Project 911UP and Sandra Priest, has given thousands of dollars to each of the three National Memorials since 2015;
the 911 Memorial in New York City, NY, the  Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA 
and the  Flight 93 Memorial in  Shanksville, PA
12% of proceeds from all sculptures are to be sent out in a continued effort to these memorials.