'S' series #82.S. 

This is an authentic piece of the concrete slurry wall that once surrounded The Twin Tower area and the World Trade Center in New York City.  Made into historical works of art sculpture, the limited edition, 200 piece  'S'  series of sculptures.  This piece is from the first 20 pieces numbered in the series. It is the only one left for sale of that lower number.


This #82.S, measures in inches,6.75 x 6 x 5 and 14.8 lbs.  It has an amber hue of an oil based varnish finish.   This sculpture has smooth sides showing off the beauty of the aggregate stone.  It is one of the larger and heavier of the 'S' series. One of its qualities are a engraved line from the top to the bottom of this sculpture.  Finally is signed and numbered on the bottom with felt pads to ensure a scratch free surface placement in your home or business.


Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.


Each of the "S' series 9/11 sculptures, have an engraved arrow pointing upwards, to symbolize a coming up and out of the ground, with a positive message of the hope and rebuilding of our nation and spirits since 9/11. 


Message from the artist San.  "I believe in the power of memorials to heal upon, after witnessing all who have come to my studio from young to old, military, police, firefighters and those who have lost loved ones in 9/11.  Let us never forget." 


**Each one of the 'S' series 9/11 sculptures for purchase here, helps to fund Project 911UP, in the development of those seventeen, 16,000 lb. larger National memorials being placed around North America.  


**12% of each sculpture purchased by you, is donated to each of the three National Memorials in New York City, Pennsylvania, and The Pentagon.  They are aware of this project and are happy to receive their donations.**



#82.s--9/11 Slurry wall sculpture

  • PROJECT 911UP was created by Artist, Sandra Lynn Priest, aka, San.  San was given the honor of creating sculptures out of salvaged, cut out sections of the original concrete slurry, foundation wall, that once surrounded the World Trade Center which was built in 1968.  Sections of that 4 foot thick wall were only cut out to make room for the new PATH subway station, now leading people into the new Trade Center area.  After over 100 pieces were cut out for this opening, seventeen, 16,000 pound pieces of the wall were saved for an artists touch as 9/11 memorials.  San was chosen as that artist.