Kay Krapf, One of the guardians of the 17 original salvaged concrete blocks.

Boyscout troop visit to San's  active Art Studio.

Human instinct drawn to touch the concrete.

San and founders of this project shown in Bethlehem, PA on 10 yr. anniversary of 9/11

Rich Parrish, one of the founders of this project  and San in Florida on arrival day of the delivery of the first block to be sculpted.  

Bethlehem, PA mounted police salute on dedication day next to 'VICTORII REBUILD' 

Miss Navajo standing next to the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial, placed in Salt Lake City, Utah

Different branches of our Military have come to Honor the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial.

Marines look on as the

first block gets delivered

to San's studio in

Ft. Myers, Florida

It is important for future generations to

witness this part of our history also. 

Home Depot was very instrumental in donating their materials in the making of the park that surrounds the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial.

Retired servicemen and women visit and

touch the Utah Fallan Warrior Memorial 

Fort Douglas National Military Museum is

home to the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial.

Cheerleaders from Sandy, Utah. 


President Ed Ray of Oregon State University with San and Kay Krapf in their Memorial Union

Hall by a smaller sculpture dedicated there.

Very poignant, touching photo. 

School children gather around the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial Sculpture on the road at a stop in Utah before it arrives at its new home

at  the Fort Douglas National Military Museum.

San receiving the first

block covered in the

American flag prior to

sculpting in Florida..

Cook County, Illinois Sheriff touch the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial while it sat in Daley

Plaza in Chicago, Illinois on tour to Utah.

Shown left, is one of my triangular sculptures which was donated to the http://www.tunnel2towers.org traveling 9/11 mobile exhibit which goes all over the United States. I am pleased that it has been shown since 2014 to all those who get to see this historic display of 9/11 memorabilia. it is displayed as one of the first things you see upon entering the vehicle in a glass case.
The vehicle is shown to the right.