Shown to the left is a photo of San standing next to the sculpture that is being placed at the IMAG museum in downtown Fort Myers, Florida.  The IMAG museum of This sculpture will soon be delivered, summer, 2020.  Its grand opening ceremony will be on September 11, 2021 for the 9/11 20th anniversary.  The entire grounds around the museum are being rebuilt now to get ready for this event.  This sculpture weighs in at approximately 16,500 pounds.


This sculpture is for the Key West Firehouse Museum in Key West, Florida.

It will be set in front of the museum where all can see.  The Conch train drives by 4 times an hour and will become part of the tour as it is described by the conductor/speaker.  What an interesting place for one of the Project 911UP sculptures to be placed.  This sculpture weighs approximately 15,000 pounds and will be in place in the summer of 2020.

1goldstar11-2 small.jpg

The name of this sculpture is 'Gold Star 11' This photo shows its current base wrapped with the same black granite that was used around the Reflection Pond area at the main 911 museum in New York City at Ground Zero.  We were lucky enough to of called the same company when looking for this granite, that cut and placed this at the New York City Memorial.  Now we have appropriately used that granite for this 9/11 memorial also.  This site in  Illinois is under construction.  The authentic 9/11  sculpture going on top will be placed in a dedication ceremony the summer of 2020, in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois at the VFW post

#7448. It will serve as a 9/11 memorial dedicated to Gold Star Families.  It weighs approximately 350 pounds and measures about 20 inches square.